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Japan begins grim relief mission with towns flooded, thousands reported missing
Rescue teams searched through matchstick rubble Saturday for thousands of people missing in flooded areas of northeastern Japan, beginning one of the most complex relief efforts in history.

Japanese nuclear plants' operator scrambles to avert meltdowns
Japanese authorities said Sunday that efforts to restart the cooling system at one of the reactors damaged by Friday's earthquake had failed, a major setback in the struggle to contain what has become the most serious nuclear power crisis in a quarter century.

For autistic kids' parents, trial hits home

Subterranean jail a sign of Gaddafi's grip

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How Russian trolls seamlessly insinuated themselves into U.S. political conversation
The secretive disinformation campaign sought to undermine Hillary Clinton, bolster Donald Trump and turn Americans against each other. The accounts of some former Russian trolls ? along with details from the indictment against the Internet Research Agency and 13 Russian associates ? underscore the sophistication and ambition of the program.

Mueller?s new indictments put the pressure on Trump to take action
Special counsel Robert Mueller ultimately might conclude that there was no clear case of collusion between the Russians and associates of President Trump?s 2016 campaign. But he has laid down a challenge to the president that no longer can be ignored.

National security adviser sees proof of Russian hacking as ?incontrovertible,? prompting Trump rebuke

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Farewell, summer

Oregon college shooting live updates: 'There's been another mass shooting in America,' Obama says

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Cartoonists Pay Tribute to the Victims of Paris Attacks With Somber Drawings

We Can Turn Down the Earth?s Thermostat, But Do We Dare?

What We Know about the Paris Attackers

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