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Southwest challenged engine maker CFM over proposed FAA inspections

Southwest challenged engine maker CFM over proposed FAA inspectionsSouthwest Airlines Co clashed with engine maker CFM over the timing of proposed inspections and with regulators over costs after a 2016 accident involving the airline that was caused by a fan blade separating, public documents showed. The documents, which are on a U.S. federal website and were viewed by Reuters, reveal the wrangling over previously proposed safety checks on CFM engines that are now the focus of investigations following a fatal engine explosion this week.

FAA orders engine inspections after Southwest explosion

FAA orders engine inspections after Southwest explosionThe U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said on Wednesday it would order inspection of some 220 jet engines after investigators said a broken fan blade touched off an engine explosion on a Southwest Airlines flight, shattering a window and killing a passenger. The order, called an air-worthiness directive, would require an ultrasonic inspection within the next six months of the fan blades on all CFM56-7B engines that have accrued a certain number of takeoffs. The CFM56 engine on Southwest flight 1380 blew apart over Pennsylvania on Tuesday, about 20 minutes after the Dallas-bound flight left New York's LaGuardia Airport with 149 people on board.

Judge finds Kansas' Kris Kobach in contempt of court

Judge finds Kansas' Kris Kobach in contempt of court(Reuters) - A federal judge on Wednesday found Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in contempt of court for disobeying her order not to enforce the state's disputed proof-of-citizenship voter registration law while the court weighed its legality. Kobach is the front-running Republican candidate for Kansas governor, despite ongoing legal battles over the voter registration law he has sought to enforce as the state's top election official. Wednesday's ruling was the latest in a series of rebukes of Kobach by Judge Julie Robinson of Kansas City.

Puerto Rico hit by island-wide power blackout

Puerto Rico hit by island-wide power blackoutA power line failure in southern Puerto Rico cut electricity to almost all 3.4 million residents on Wednesday, the latest in a string of operational and political headaches for the U.S. territory's bankrupt, storm-ravaged power utility. In a statement, the Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority, known as PREPA, said "technical personnel" were working to determine a cause and expected to restore service in 24 to 36 hours. Puerto Rico's smaller islands of Culebra and Vieques, as well as a pair of microgrids on the main island, were unaffected.

ABC News: International
Nod to India's Female Lawmakers Highlights How Few There Are
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for only female lawmakers to address the Indian parliament on International Women's Day included silence because there weren't enough women to speak
Bank of England Chief: Won't Make Recommendation on EU Vote
Bank of England governor Mark Carney says the institution won't be making a recommendation on whether or not Britain should remain in the European Union
Talk of Beheading Strike Option Fans Koreas Tension
U.S.-South Korea exercises are a spring ritual on the Korean Peninsula, but this year's war games have a special twist: reports the troops massed south of the DMZ are training for a hypothetical "beheading operation" against Kim Jong Un himself
Police Say 15-Year-Old Raped, Set on Fire Outside New Delhi
Police say a 15-year-old girl is fighting for her life in a New Delhi hospital after being raped and set on fire on the rooftop of her family's home
The Latest: EU Lawmakers Warn on Asylum Issue
European Union lawmakers say they will keep a close eye on any EU deal to send thousands of migrants in Greece back to Turkey to ensure that people fleeing conflict are not denied asylum

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Falcons are as fast as racecars. Pity their poor prey.
The falcon's stoop has fascinated birdwatchers and scientists alike. "Detailed descriptions of the peregrine's dive date back centuries," said Robin Mills, a behavioral ecologist at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. More recently, researchers ...

Studies say the Atlantic Ocean's circulation hasn't been this sluggish in 1000 years
The Atlantic Ocean circulation that carries warmth into the Northern Hemisphere's high latitudes is slowing down because of climate change, a team of scientists asserted Wednesday, suggesting one of the most feared consequences is already coming to ...