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Mack Sennett (1880)
Sennett was an American movie director, considered the father of slapstick comedy in film. After directing comedies under the tutelage of D.W. Griffith, he left to form his own Keystone Company and produced the first American feature-length comedy, Tillie's Punctured Romance, in 1914. He made more than 1,000 comedy shorts, often featuring the wild antics of the Keystone Kops, and received a special Academy Award in 1937. As an actor, Sennett played what iconic character in several films? Discuss

Eric Henry Liddell (1902)
Liddell was a Scottish athlete and missionary. Because of his Christian convictions, Liddell refused to run track events on Sundays, a decision that forced him to withdraw from his best event, the 100-meter sprint, during the 1924 Paris Olympics. Instead, he ran the 400 meters, winning the gold medal and breaking the existing world record. His story is depicted in the Academy Award-winning 1981 film Chariots of Fire. Why is he listed in some literature as China's first Olympic champion?

Mihai Eminescu (1850)
Eminescu is considered Romania's greatest poet. His first poems were published when he was just a teen, and a few years later he joined the literary circle Junimea and began contributing to its journal, Convorbiri literare. His lyrical, passionate, and revolutionary poems had a profound influence on Romanian letters. Eminescu suffered from periodic attacks of insanity and died shortly after one such attack. He is honored in a monument in the capital city of what Islamic country?

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Julia Roberts resource with latest news, monthly newsletter, biography, filmography, photo gallery and more on Julia Roberts.

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New Girl's Jake Johnson Would Be "Shocked" If Nick and Jess Don't Get Back Together
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In the News
New 'Skywalker' Ape Species Will Need Jedi Powers to Survive
There's a new jungle Jedi out there. Scientists who discovered a new primate, which lives in eastern Myanmar and southwestern China, are such big Star Wars fans, they named the ape after Luke Skywalker. They also chose the name, skywalker hoolock ... Discuss

The Curious Case of the Hyolith, an Ancient 'Ice Cream Cone' That's Found a Home
It has spent some 175 years homeless, wandering many paths of taxonomy without a single branch to call its own. In the time since it was first described, this now-extinct, cone-shaped sea creature has known a number of presumed families — from mollusks ...

A Super-Cool Science Story about a Really Cold Thing
“Absolute zero” isn't just cold — it's still. It is the point at which the motion of the atoms that make up an object stops completely, when the object has no energy left to give. The rules of physics say it's impossible to cool an object to absolute ...


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