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Edward R. Murrow (1908)
Known for his trademark signoff, "Good night, and good luck," Murrow was an American journalist who became famous for his series of dramatic radio news broadcasts from London rooftops during German bombing raids in World War II. He later became a pioneer of television news broadcasting and produced a series of reports that helped turn public opinion against anti-Communist Senator Joseph McCarthy. Rarely seen without a cigarette, Murrow was said to smoke how many a day? Discuss

Willem de Kooning (1904)
De Kooning was a Dutch-American painter who became a leader of abstract expressionism, the New York-based school of painting that rejected naturalistic content. Examples of this period include his dramatic Black Paintings, which were black-and-white artworks created from enamel and oil paints. His later work became increasingly figurative, as is seen in his The Woman series of the 1950s, and was both criticized and lauded. In what unusual way did de Kooning immigrate to the US?

Roy Orbison (1936)
Roy Orbison was an influential American singer-songwriter and rock-and-roll pioneer whose career spanned more than three decades. He had a string of hits during the early-1960s, such as "Only the Lonely" and "Oh, Pretty Woman," after which his career waned, driven in part by a series of personal tragedies. He made a comeback in the 1980s, forming a supergroup with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and Tom Petty called the Traveling Wilburys. What was Orbison rarely seen in public without?

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