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Charlemagne (c. 742 CE)
The Carolingian king of the Franks from 768 CE until his death in 814 CE, Charlemagne united most of Western Europe under a single empire for the first time since the Romans, becoming, in 800 CE, the first Holy Roman Emperor. Charles the Great, as he is also known, instituted many judicial and ecclesiastical reforms, promoted commerce and agriculture throughout his empire, made his court a center of learning, and inspired the Carolingian Renaissance. What was notable about his style of dress? Discuss

Otto von Bismarck (1815)
Bismarck was a 19th-century Prussian and German statesman. Under his leadership, Prussia defeated Austria and France, and Germany was united. He was appointed premier in 1862 and became chancellor of the North German Confederation in 1867. When the new German Empire formed in 1871, he became its first chancellor, gaining almost complete control of foreign and domestic affairs and eventually earning the nickname "Iron Chancellor." What was the Kulturkampf, and why did he encourage it?

René Descartes (1596)
René Descartes was a French mathematician, scientist, and philosopher who is considered the father of modern philosophy. Aiming to apply the rigor of mathematics to all fields of human knowledge, Descartes discards the authoritarian system of the scholastics and begins with universal doubt. His methodology was a major influence in the transition from medieval science and philosophy to the modern era. What is thought to be the meaning of his most famous statement, "Cogito ergo sum"?

Julia Roberts Online
Julia Roberts resource with latest news, monthly newsletter, biography, filmography, photo gallery and more on Julia Roberts.

E! Online (US) - Top Stories
Soleil Moon Frye Shows Off 40-Pound Weight Loss in a Skimpy Swimsuit—Check Out Her Hot Bod!
Soleil Moon Frye, EMBARGO UNTIL 12:01 AM PST 04/02/15Somebody looks ready for bikini season! Soleil Moon Frye may have impressed moms this past January when revealing her 23-pound weight loss with the help of...

Zayn Malik Doesn't Look Like He's Missing One Direction One Bit While on Vacation With Perrie Edwards: See Their PDA Pic!
Zayn Malik, Perry Edwards, InstagramOne Direction who?! Exactly one week ago, millions of Directioners had their hearts broken when Zayn Malik announced he would be leaving the enormously popular boy...

Alright! The Going Rate for a Matthew McConnaughey Speech Is $135,000
Matthew McConaughey, Golden Globes 2014, Winner"Alrights" are going for $45,000 a pop nowadays! Matthew McConaughey has been offered $135,000, plus travel expenses, to give the University of Houston Commencement Ceremony...

Prince Harry, aka Captain Wales, Gets Ready to Return to Army Duty One Last Time—in Australia: All the Details!
Prince Harry Prince Harry is getting ready to report for military duty one final time following more than a decade of service...way, way, way across the pond. The 30-year-old royal, the younger...

Jeremy Renner Settles Custody Battle With Ex Sonny Pacheco, Agrees to $13,000 a Month in Child Support
Sonni Pacheco, Jeremy RennerJeremy Renner and Sonny Pacheco may finally be able to enjoy their breakup in peace. The Oscar-nominated actor and his soon-to-be ex-wife have reached a custody settlement that entails...


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The Best and Worst Foods to Eat when You're Sick
When you're under the weather the last thing you want is to eat something that makes you feel worse. But what if the last thing you want is chicken soup or crackers, and you're craving ice cream or a glass of wine? It depends on what's wrong with you, ... Discuss

You Can Now Hire a Goatherd through Amazon
Now you can buy a sink on Amazon and hire someone to come and install it. Or a goatherd to tend your flock. Or someone to teach you aerial yoga. All are available to Amazon customers through the company's newly-expanded professional services ...

A Loss for Words
The consequences of losing a language may not be understood until it is too late. It is a singular fate to be the last of one's kind. That is the fate of the men and women, nearly all of them elderly, who are ...


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