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Amy Tan (1952)
Born in Oakland, California, to Chinese immigrants, Tan is an award-winning author whose novels focus on the lives of Asian-Americans and the complexities of intergenerational relationships, particularly those of mothers and daughters. Her best-selling novel The Joy Luck Club was based on the tragic experiences of her mother, who had years earlier fled an abusive marriage, though it meant leaving her three daughters behind in Shanghai. When did Tan finally meet her half-sisters? Discuss

Yoko Ono (1933)
Ono is a Japanese artist, musician, author, and peace activist best known for her marriage to John Lennon of the Beatles. She was raised in Japan and the US, where she started exploring conceptual and performance art. A member of the Fluxus movement, Ono developed a reputation as an avant-garde filmmaker, conceptual artist, performance artist, and experimental musician. Her 1964 Cut Piece, a commentary on identity, gender issues, suffering, and loneliness, invited the audience to do what?

Ruth Barbara Rendell, Baroness Rendell of Babergh, CBE (1930)
Born in London, Rendell became an author of murder mysteries and psychological thrillers in the 1960s. She has since published dozens of award-winning novels—many featuring her Chief Inspector Wexford—and has been recognized for her sharp prose and psychological insight by both critics and audiences. Originally a journalist, Rendell was fired after writing about a society dinner she did not attend. What notable misfortune, which was absent from Rendell's article, befell the speaker of the event?

Julia Roberts Online
Julia Roberts resource with latest news, monthly newsletter, biography, filmography, photo gallery and more on Julia Roberts.

E! Online (US) - Top Stories
Writers Guild Awards 2017 Winners: The Complete List
Kerry Washington, 2017 Writers Guild AwardsWe're closer than ever to the 2017 Oscars, and that means tonight we celebrate the 2017 Writers Guild of America Awards! Hollywood's brightest stars from film and television...

Here's How You Can Watch the First Full Episode of The Arrangement Now!
The Arrangement S1 Show PackageThe first episode of The Arrangement is here! While you'll have to wait until March 5 to see the premiere on E!, you can watch the first full episode of The Arrangement online, right...

The Royals Season Finale Recap: King Robert Just Proved He's a Complete and Total Monster
The RoyalsLong live King Liam! Prince Liam's (William Moseley) ongoing suspicions about Robert's (Max Brown) manipulative behavior were finally confirmed as a whole bunch of secrets and...

Paris Hilton and The Leftovers Star Chris Zylka Spark Romance Rumors
Paris Hilton, Chris Zylka, TwitterLooks like Paris Hilton has a new man in her life! The former reality TV star and socialite sure had fans talking when she called actor Chris Zylka her "valentine" in a series of...

The Walking Dead Finally Gave Us the Reunion We've Been Waiting For
The Walking Dead, Season 7After what felt like a lifetime, but was only really just about a full year, The Walking Dead finally reunited one of our favorite pair of characters and, well, we're having mixed feelings...


In the News
Discovery of Organic Molecules on Ceres Widens Hunt for Life
Life, or at least its basic chemical parts, might actually be all around us. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has discovered organic molecules on Ceres, according to a paper published in the journal Science on Friday. These so-called “building blocks of life” appear to be ... Discuss

Where Is Zealandia? Geologists Say They Have Discovered Eighth Continent
You know the seven continents. Meet the eighth. A new study published in the March/April 2017 issue of The Geological Society of America’s Journal argues that a mostly submerged landmass in the southwest Pacific should be classified as a continent, pointing to ...

How This Cockeyed Squid Shines a Light on Deep Sea Evolution
The deep sea has its fair share of quirky creatures equipped with odd features, and the “cockeyed” squid, sporting two different sized eyes, likely doesn't stand out too much among other bottom ocean dwellers. But scientists have never before been able to ...


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