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William Safire (1929)
Safire was an American journalist and a speechwriter for US President Richard Nixon, who once ordered Safire's phone be tapped. In 1973, Safire became a syndicated political columnist for The New York Times, a post he held until 2005. A master of wordplay, he also wrote regularly on language-related topics. After Safire wrote a column in which he insulted a first lady, a White House aide remarked that if the president were not the president, he would have responded in what way? Discuss

Jane Austen (1775)
Austen was a prominent English novelist whose writing is noted for its wit, realism, shrewd sympathy, and brilliant prose style. Though she received little public recognition in her own lifetime—her books were published anonymously—she is now regarded as one of the great masters of the English novel. Several of her works, including Pride and Prejudice, have been adapted for film. Before her death, Austen suffered from a protracted, unexplained illness. What might have caused it?

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (37 CE)
Nero became emperor of Rome by murdering his mother and step-brother. His respectful treatment of the Senate made him a popular emperor in the east, but his reign was marred by unemployment and a major revolt in Britain. After a fire ravaged Rome in 64 CE, he persecuted the Christians as scapegoats. With his reign in decline, Nero went on a murderous rampage, was condemned by the Senate, and chose suicide over execution. According to legend, Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. Is it true?

Julia Roberts Online
Julia Roberts resource with latest news, monthly newsletter, biography, filmography, photo gallery and more on Julia Roberts.

E! Online (US) - Top Stories
Watch A Christmas Story Live's Jane Krakowski Fall in Love with Maya Rudolph Over Suspenders
A Christmas Story Live!, Maya Rudolph, Chris DiamantopoulosWe all know the dream present at the center of A Christmas Story. All little Ralphie wants is an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle, and he will...

Dream Kardashian Makes 2nd Appearance on Kardashian Christmas Card
2017 Kardashian Christmas Card, Dream Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, M.J., Day 17Auntie KoKo sure has a way with babies! Kris Jenner and daughter Khloe Kardashian, who E! News had learned in September is pregnant with her first child, dote upon the youngest member of...

Camille Grammer Gives Health Update After 2nd Cancer Scare and Talks Wedding
Camille Grammer, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 8 Premiere PartyCamille Grammer says she is still in pain but is recovering well after undergoing surgery for skin cancer, almost four years after she was cured of a different type. The 49-year-old Real...

Serena Williams' Baby Alexis Olympia Is Teething and Both Mother and Child Are Suffering
Serena Williams, Baby, Daughter, Alexis Olympia, InstagramSerena Williams has discovered the not-so-glamorous side of motherhood: Dealing with a teething baby. As they start to cut their first teeth, their physical pain becomes their...

Oprah Winfrey Prays and Katy Perry's Family Evacuates as California Fire Threatens Homes
Santa Barbara wildfires, Rob Lowe, Katy Perry, Oprah WinfreyOne of California's largest wildfires in history continues to rage through the southeastern part of the state and threaten thousands of homes, including those owned by celebs such as Oprah...


In the News
Research on Clay Formation Could Have Implications for How to Search for Life on Mars
Clay minerals cannot form unless there is water available—it is an essential ingredient in their microscopic crystalline structure. Clays are found virtually nowhere on the red planet except in Mars’s most ancient terrains, dating back to an epoch about ... Discuss

Vaderlimulus: Prehistoric Crab That Looks Just Like Darth Vader Discovered in Idaho
As if horseshoe crabs weren't weird enough, scientists just discovered one that looks like Darth Vader. A 245-million-year-old fossil shows a strange invertebrate with a head the shape of the letter D and a long tail. The scientists who discovered the ...

Earth's Hum: Scientists Record the Very Sound of Earth—but Don't Know Why It Happens
Scientists have recorded the mysterious sound of the Earth deep underwater for the first time. The eerie hum could be key to understanding the makeup of the planet itself—but no one knows what makes it. First proposed in the 19th century, scientists ...


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