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Henri Louis Le Châtelier (1850)
Le Châtelier was a French chemist best known for devising Le Châtelier's principle, which makes it possible to predict the effect that a change in conditions—such as temperature, pressure, or concentration of components—will have on a chemical reaction. The principle states that a system in equilibrium, when subjected to a perturbation, will respond in a way that tends to minimize its effect and restore equilibrium. In 1928, Le Châtelier published a book on what system of scientific management? Discuss

Niels Bohr (1885)
Bohr was a Danish physicist who was among the first to recognize the importance of an element's atomic number. He was also the first to apply the quantum theory to atomic and molecular structure, and his concept of the atomic nucleus was a key step in understanding nuclear fission. He won a Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922 for his work on atomic theory. Though he contributed to atomic bomb research during World War II, he later devoted himself to arms control. What element is named in his honor?

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E! Online (US) - Top Stories
Emma Stone Is a Face-Licking, Money-Eating Dance Machine in ''Anna'' Music Video
Emma Stone, Anna, Music VideoWho knew we could love Emma Stone even more? The lovable actress has so many admirable qualities, but she really took it up a notch while starring in Will Butler's music video for...

Taylor Swift Beats Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé With 50 Million Instagram Followers
Taylor Swift, Instagram All hail the reigning queen of Instagram! Taylor Swift just reached a major milestone on the social media platform after she clocked in at over 50 million followers. The...

2015 Latin American Music Awards--See All the Stars as They Arrive on the Red Carpet!
Latin American Music Awards, Adrienne BailonLet the first-ever Latin American Music Awards begin! The carpet is rolled out and judging from the sizzling appearances we've seen so far (ahem, Adrienne Bailon), the night is...

WTF Is Happening (In 3 Years) On The Vampire Diaries?!
The Vampire DiariesSo, now you've seen the season seven premiere of The Vampire Diaries. You probably have a lot of questions, and they probably start with the following: WTF IS HAPPENING?! The first...

This Mother Was Shocked by Her Son's ''Racist'' Playmobil Pirate Toy Set
Playmobil ToyOne mother was outraged when she realized that a birthday gift for her son included a "racist" toy. Ida Lockett told Sacramento's local CBS station that a Playmobil pirate toy...


In the News
Fire Ants Create Floating Rafts to Face South Carolina Flood Waters
As floodwaters from the storm that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and others have termed a 1-in-1,000-year event ravaged the state, several photographers captured what appeared to be mounds of floating fire ants. Amid the devastation caused by ... Discuss

In the Eerie Emptiness of Chernobyl's Abandoned Towns, Wildlife Is Flourishing
The sound was like nothing Tom Hinton had ever heard before: a chorus of baleful wolf howls, long and loud and coming from seemingly every direction in the darkness. The predators yipped and chirped and crooned to one another for what seemed like ...


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