Online schaken:
  • To chat with your playing partner, just type in your message in the text box where it says "Vul uw chatbericht hieronder in" and click on "Verstuur bericht".

  • Before playing chess game, determine who will play White or Black Pieces with your playing partner. People playing the Black Pieces can click on the "Wissel van kleur" button for their point of view of the Chess board.

  • Making a chess move by entering in your move in the textbox that says "Doe uw zet", and click on "Doe uw zet" button.

  • If a mistake is made, you can always modify the chess board by using the Modify Chess Board option. Just select the desired piece to place on Chess board or select empty square to remove a piece from the Chess Board, and then select which Chess square will receive the action.

  • You will also use the Modify Chess Board option to promote your piece when it reaches your opponents first rank, or when an En Passant move has been played, or for king and queen side castling.